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Learn to use English as a communication tool with an emphasis on fluency and pronunciation. Develop oral and listening skills, while introducing fundamental grammatical bases of the language to facilitate spoken and written expression.


Lessons are taught by natives in a full immersion context, with the intention of creating a comfortable space without pressure. Students learn to follow a routine of fun and work using only Spanish through songs, rhymes and stories of the Anglo-Saxon world. In the context of today’s bilingual programs in schools, our materials integrate vocabulary from other subjects, following CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) methods. In addition to introduce new vocabulary, we teach grammar and essential structures so day express themselves naturally and without fear.


kids 0

For children from 3 years on, awareness of Spanish through music, routine and games.

kids 1

Iniciation English lessons to explore basic and everyday vocabulary, focusing on listening and pronunciation with songs and play activities.

kids 2 - starters

The objective is to consolidate vocabulary of the near environment, using the present times and integrating new notions of the past.

kids 3 - movers

European Level A1: express yourself fluently on everyday issues, using past, present and future times.

kids 4 - flyers

European Level A2: streinghten familiar topics and have notions about all verbal tenses in English. Emphasis on spoken communication.

teens 2 junior

European level B1 (Pet for Schools). We work with B1 materials for elementary students, developing reading, writing, speaking, listening.

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