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3 television series to help you learn English

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There are many ways to learn a language, including watching the original version of a television series with subtitles. Using many different methods to learn a language will help you to learn better.

In recent years the film industry has been changing, and series have been replacing films as a method of leisure and culture. With platforms such as Netflix, HBO and Amazon Prime, it is easy and affordable to access content 24 hours a day on your mobile, tablet, computer and television.

If you are preparing to take the Cambridge or Trinity exam, getting hooked on one of these three series will help you to improve your English.

The Crown

Created by Peter Morgan and produced by Netflix, this biographical television series is centered on the life of Queen Elizabeth II of England and the history that has taken place during her reign.

This series will also help you learn about a very important chapter in the history of the United Kingdom.

Game of Thrones

The story unfolds in a fictional medieval world where there are Seven Kingdoms. There are three main story lines: the chronicle of the dynastic civil war between several noble families that aspire to rule the Iron Throne, the growing threat of the Others, unknown beings who live on the other side of an immense wall of ice, and the journey of Daenerys Targaryen, the exiled daughter of the king who was killed in a previous civil war, and who intends to return to claim her right to the throne.

Mad men

This television series is about the life of Don Draper, a successful account executive with excellent creative abilities and persuasive power to sell his ideas, as he begins his career at Sterling Cooper, a small advertising company based in Manhattan. The series covers the first years of the marketing agency, which, thanks to the creativity of Draper, begins to climb the ranks and eventually becomes one of the most renowned on Madison Avenue, where the name “Mad Men” comes from.

Adverbios temporales para aprobar b1 y b2

Adverbs of time

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There are various types of adverbs in English, such as adverbs of time, place, manner, frequency, and degree. The position of the adverb in a sentence varies according to its type.

oposiciones ingles

What language certificates are useful for entrance exams?

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2018 is the next year to take secondary school exams in Andalusia, and many people ask us which language certificates are accepted for scoring on the entrance exam.

curriculum en reino unido

How do I write my CV in English?

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If you want to go to England to find work, you can’t simply translate your curriculum to English because the format will also have to be changed. We will explain the characteristics of an English CV so that you can write your own.

como utilizar los condicionales

Conditionals in English: uses and examples

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In English grammar, the conditional forms have a repetitive structure, so you should learn how to construct them.

cómo surgió la fiesta de halloween

Do you know where Halloween comes from?

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Over the last years, Halloween has become a popular holiday in Spain, celebrated by thousands of people, kids and grown-ups alike.

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Essential Vocabulary for Autumn

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Autumn arrives, and the heat of summer, days on the beach, bathing suits, towels, shorts, umbrellas, ice-cream, and the best, holidays, fade away.

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Special Opening Deal for TIM Ejido: Free Registration and Materials

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Only until 15th November we are offering a fantastic discount in our new centre in the area of El Ejido (Málaga). We are giving out free registration and the books used throughout the year to welcome you to our new language “workshop” in Málaga.

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How to make the Passive Voice?

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Using the Passive Voice in English might seem difficult but it’s actually quite simple and straightforward. We are going to explain how to do it so you’ll never forget it again!

In an active sentence the subject who does the action is the most important thing in the sentence. However, in a passive sentence the focus moves to the person or thing that is the object of the action.

We often use the passive voice when we don’t know or don’t want to mention who is doing the action. It’s also common in formal texts which use more elaborate language.

So, how do we transform an active sentence into a passive one?

  1. The object of the active sentence becomes the subject of the passive sentence.
  2. Instead of the main verb, we need to use the verb “to be” in the correct tense and the past participle of the main verb.
  3. The subject of the sentence becomes a complement and usually comes after the preposition “by”.

For example:

Active                                                             Passive

The Beatles wrote “She loves you”               “She loves you” was written by The Beatles

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New Language School in El Eljido

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September has brought a lot of good news for El Taller de Idiomas Mediterráneo. The best news, without a doubt, is that after months of hard work, we have finally opened our new language school in Málaga Capital, in El Ejido.

Eager to share our language teaching method, and full of dreams and energy, we have settled in Málaga to accompany our students of all ages on their language leaning adventure.

You can find us in C/Teniente Segalerva Ruiz, 8 (just two minutes away from the UMA university campus), where we have created an excellent study environment in spacious classrooms that are equipped with modern technology and air conditioning.

With our qualified native teachers you can learn English, French and German from beginner to advanced levels. We also offer exam preparation for B1, B2 and C1 levels.

We can’t wait to see you in our second home!


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