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7 Keys to Learning English

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7 Keys to Learning English

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English is one of the most widely used languages in the world, spoken by more than 1 billion people, thus being the language through which people are internationally understood. In an increasingly globalised world, being able to communicate with one another is crucial.

It is therefore very important to learn English from a young age – though it is never too late to start. If you aren’t convinced about learning English, here are 7 reasons for signing up at a language school.

  1. It’s the most spoken language in the world. Although it isn’t the most spoken mother tongue, it is indeed the language that most people speak around the world: English is internationally considered as the most common language for communication.
  2. Learning early makes it easier. Signing up your child at a language school means that his or her learning will be assimilated in a much easier and natural way to facilitate a more fluent English in the future.
  3. It’s never late to learn. Although learning at an early age may seem easier, you can start learning English at any point in life thanks to various teaching methods.
  4. Method variety. There exist many different teaching and learning methods, and speaking to a specialist can help you find the one that best fits your needs.
  5. The value of expressing yourself. One of the great advantages that language schools have over other methods of learning is the importance given to oral expression, this being the most lifelike way of learning a language.
  6. Constancy. Having it clear that learning English is a long-distance race will determine your success, as a language is not something that your learn overnight, but rather through years of learning and practising.
  7. Stay motivated. Even though it is easy to be motivated when starting something new, learning English is a matter of constancy and insisting. In other words, staying motivated during all that time will be essential in achieving your goal.

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