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French and German

Ask for our French and German lessons for different levels and learn new languages with an adaptive and intuitive method.

Adult courses

Lessons are based on an oral communicative work to get fluency in the language. Real situations, games and audiovisual materials are used to consolidate already acquired knowledge and to introduce new concepts.

Teen courses

We use modern topics, songs and audiovisual materials to attract and keep the attention of young people. We put great emphasis on practicing the four skills (Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening).

Kid courses

The goal is to learn to use Spanish as a communication tool by developing their oral and listening skills while introducing fundamental grammatical bases of the language to facilitate spoken and written expression.


academia de ingles familias

We are looking for host families

Posted By timidiomas

TIMidiomas is looking for families interested in hosting students studying Spanish in their homes, a great opportunity to earn money and learn languages at the same time.Read More

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3 television series to help you learn English

Posted By timidiomas

There are many ways to learn a language, including watching the original version of a television series with subtitles. Using many different methods to learn a language will help you to learn better. In recent years the film industry has been changing, and series have bee

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Adverbios temporales para aprobar b1 y b2

Adverbs of time

Posted By timidiomas

There are various types of adverbs in English, such as adverbs of time, place, manner, frequency, and degree. The position of the adverb in a sentence varies according to its type. Read More

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Nuestros Clientes Hablan

Jon Kenny

Great school. Great teachers and Gerry accommodating owners. Flew through the course and picked up so much fast. After a few months I went to work in Mexico.

Jon K.

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with a friendly and efficient staff. they suitted their classes to my schedule An excellent school in the centre of Rincón de la Victoria

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